Last year I bought the domain name “Tale of 2 Knittys” (Blogger) through, made one post and ran away in terrified silence because I still don’t know how to really design a blog site.  I’ve used “defarge007” as my Etsy and Ravelry monikers for at least 3 years now and have decided I like it.  I don’t plan on renewing  “Tale of” this year because it doesn’t resonate with me.  It makes sense for this domain to belong to a couples knitting team.

WordPress signed me up for my own blog last year when I may have joined the Barbara Walker Project.  The BWP’s knit samples of Barbara Walker’s famous 4 knitting treasuries and post the full color pictures on-line.  Barbara Walker should be called Saint Barbara Walker;  her influence in the knitting world is that seminal.  Fiber enthusiasts and knitting designers around the world owe much of their artistry to Barbara Walker.

Anyway, in an effort to learn more about blogging, I visited my friends at the University Book Store, on Seattle’s “Ave” and they were nice enough to steer me to “Create Your Own Blog” by Tris Hussey.  The UBS people are smart; they have little tables and chairs in strategic locations so you can sit down and compare texts.  This book was a standout so I purchased it.

Lo and behold, right from the get-go, Hussey championed WordPress, so I’ve decided to give it a go.  I did go into and bought Defarge007 — a name I’ve considered buying for some time now.  I wouldn’t break down if “Tale of..” was purchased if I neglected to renew my lease — but I’d be upset if someone bought “Defarge007”.

Why I choose Defarge007 is in the next post.

Cheers, Janet

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