Header at top (rose cable at sunset):  Pinion Beret, knitted and photographed by Moi!  Designer Naomi Parkhurst/Gannet Designs, pattern available for purchase on Ravelry.

Name:  Janet V. Meadows

Ravelry Moniker:  defarge007

Yahoo email address:  jmeadz@yahoo.com

Baby boomer; native of Seattle, Washington; BA in Business Administration; work in education; live in Lynnwood, WA.  Grand Passions:  knitting (over 50 years now), spinning (since 2008) — and family (of course!).  Interests:  Reading, walking, cooking.  I love putting stuff together — kit furniture… that sort of thing.  One of the knitting related things I most enjoy doing is charting knitting designs/patterns — I’m definitely addicted to knitting charts and would like to see more patterns charted, with less row-by-row written instructions.

I go through knitting phases and for the past year-and-a-half now  have been knitting berets and hats.  Most of the spinning fiber I get is 3-4 ounces — ideal for hats and berets.  Knitting headwear gives  me the opportunity to play with different designs, stitches, fibers and colors and I enjoy knitting them.  Great, portable projects.  This phase will pass or cool down, but not yet!  I have finished a pullover and some socks, and have spun some fairly fine 3-ply called Plasma Sunshine, waiting to be made into my first hand spun, hand knit socks.

Since April 2011 I’ve been playing with knit stitch patterns and hope to have my first, free, hat pattern .pdf up in Summer 2011.


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