Fuzzy Wuzzy (Wuzza) Hat/Beret

Fuzzy Wuzzy (Wuzza) Hat (long version) FuzzyWuzzy 2013

I finally got the stick out of my butt and published my first free pattern.  It needs a lot of tweaking so constructive criticism is much appreciated.

Brown Original Fuzzy

Brown Original Fuzzy

I knit loosely, so please don’t go to my Ravelry site and use the needle sizes I chose.  The pattern  specification’s give the proper needle sizes.

I prefer top-down hats because they are easier and friendlier to make.  For example, with a striped yarn, you see from the get-go how the pattern is developing and whether you want to go forward with it or rip it out.  You can tailor the width and length to your own tastes, and get a better idea of how many stitches you’ll want for the band.

Here’s the short chart version for those who are addicted to charts and don’t need lengthy written instructions:  Fuzzy Chart_Page 1 of 1

The picture below is of a handspun Fuzzy.  This beautiful colorway is courtesy of Chameleon Colorworks:  Holiday.  It was a club selection; the club has been discontinued for now, but CC will take custom orders.

Unfortunately I can’t give many statistics on this hat because it was stolen in the holiday mail a few years ago.  This is, I repeat, hand knit in yarn I spun myself, so is a one-of-a-kind item.  If you see it around, please email me at Ravelry.

Christmas Fuzzy

Christmas Fuzzy


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