How to create pdfs using CutePDF

If you haven’t uploaded “Cute PDF Writer” – CutePDF – to your computer, you should.  This is a free pdf creater that was recommended to me by the computer techs at my work place — so it is Geek-Approved.

When I am taken to the designer’s web site where the pattern has not been made into a pdf document,  I select the pattern, copy it, paste it into a Word document, then select Print from your File menu, then select CutePDF.  You’ll see the document being made and then get a pop-up that lets you choose the pdf name and where to save it (I generally chose Desktop).  Then, voila! — an awesome pdf pops up. 

Please remember to include the designer’s web site name and the designer’s name and the pattern name at the top of the Word document before you create the pdf.  Also include their comments (either on Ravelry and/or their website) about copyrighting.  Most designers include a statement stating that anything made from the design cannot be sold or distributed commercially without their written permission.  It is illegal and unethical not to respect their wishes and their copyright statement in any document you create.


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