Defarge007’s Favorite Ravelry Hat & Beret patterns

Spud Says Hi: One Hat/Two Hats -- aka My Easter Hat

Going to try linking to Ravelry and see what happens. My Ravelry moniker is “defarge007”.  [Works great!  Just remember to create a nifty word describing the link, select/click on the word, then hit the link icon in the menu (it looks a little like an infinity symbol, or a sideways number 8), and stick in the url — which you have already copied — right? ]

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I have been spinning on a regular basis since 2008 and have a very large bin of hand spun yarn, most of it 3-4 ounces (90-120 grams), suitable for hats, and I spent most of 2010 knitting hats.

Favorites Hat/Beret/Headwear patterns:

I’ve noticed that most of the hat and beret patterns on the first couple Most Favorites pages list are not complex lace or cable designs, although Star-Crossed Slouchy is still holding the numero uno spot.  Woolly Wormhead hat/beret patterns are a favorite of many Ravelers.  I like challenging lace and cable designs, but am not crazy about color knitting (Fair Isle).  You can count on the Most Projects list patterns to be well written and easy to follow — for obvious reasons.  They don’t come in at the top of the lists unless they’re well written and Ravelry-ers love them and knit them often.

The exception to this rule are new patterns that haven’t made it through the ropes.  When I note a new pattern I like I open it and see what other knitters have to say about it.  I also note the name of the designer.  I’m a big believe in giving new designers a go and go through the Recently Added to Ravelry lists at least twice a month.

Freebies: patterns you can either download on Ravelry and save in your personal Ravelry library, or patterns that take you to a web site.

FREE:  The Star-crossed Slouchy Beret by Natalie Larson remains on page one of Ravelry’s Berets/Hats “Favorites” list:  Star-crossed Slouchy Beret; Natalie Larson

FREE:  Another Page One-er that, like Star-Crossed, looks good on almost anyone:  Wurm; Katushika:   Wurm; Katushika

FREE:  Here’s one of my favorites that should be on Ravelry’s “Favorites” page one.  It’s a lace no-SSK-er from the web site:  Spud Says Hi.   One Hat/Two Hats; AKS:   One Hat/Two Hats.  This hat pattern calls for 2 strands of fine weight (probably lace weight) yarn held together.  Try substituting DK weight yarn.

FREE: Druidess Beret; Princess Pea;  Druidess Beret

FREE:  Vivonne Bay Hat; Jude Webster; Vivonne Bay Hat;

About anything Angela Hahn designs.   The Beaufort Hat and Maple Seed Hat differ only in manner in which they are decreased.  Beaufort uses knit two togethers (k2tog), and Maple Seed uses slip-slip-knits (ssk).

FREE:  Beaufort Hat, Angela Hahn:

FREE:  Maple Seed Hat, Angela Hahn:

The patterns below aren’t free, but are well worth their price.  Pay for them on Ravelry and/or another web site, and download them:

Quincy; Jared Flood:  Quincy; Jared Flood

Pinion Beret; Naomi Parkhurst:  Pinion Beret; Naomi Parkhurst

Plaited Tam;  Angela Hahn:  Plaited tam; Angela Hahn

More fun-stuff to come..


About defarge007

Baby Boomer, Native Seattleite, BA in Business Administration, work in education. Main passion (that keeps me happy and sane): Fiber arts, namely knitting (50 years), spinning/spindling (since Spring 2008). Interests: Reading (especially mysteries/thrillers/urban fantasy/classics, and How-To books), walking, cooking.
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