Why Defarge007

Post May 10, 2010 from Tale of 2 Knittys (a domain I’m not renewing).  This explains why I chose the above domain name and why I chose Defarge007 as a user name. – jvm

I’m a member of Etsy, a site that sells  creative, mostly hand made stuff, and Ravelry, a site oriented to fiber fanatics. When it came down to picking a user name for them I thought “who is the most famous knitter in literature” — and Madame Defarge, a character in Charles Dickens’ “Tale of Two Cities” came to mind. (Never mind that she was nasty and came to a justly deserved end — like me she was never without her needles.) The “double-O-seven” was something that came to mind, and when I put defarge-double-o-seven together I laughed my fool head off, and the moniker stuck.

Tale of Two Cities is about London and Paris during the French Revolution, but frankly the British/London (James Bond) connection tacked on to the French/Paris “Defarge” didn’t cross my mind when I created my user name. It was a case of serendipity.  My thinking at the time was that “007” would moderate “Defarge”, but I suppose most people would think of Defarge007 as a double threat.  Not so!  I promise!

When I created the blog I knew I had to make a connection to “defarge007” and Tale of 2 Knittys came immediately to mind. Regrettably I found that a site with a similar name was also out there after I purchased the domain name — a common blogette phenomenon.  After May 2011 that won’t be an issue.  I’m not renewing the domain name and am putting it up for grabs.

I plan to use this site to post knitting and spinning related issues I have a hard time finding on the web, and pictures of stuff I either knit or spin, or just find funny and/or interesting.


About defarge007

Baby Boomer, Native Seattleite, BA in Business Administration, work in education. Main passion (that keeps me happy and sane): Fiber arts, namely knitting (50 years), spinning/spindling (since Spring 2008). Interests: Reading (especially mysteries/thrillers/urban fantasy/classics, and How-To books), walking, cooking.
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